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What’s going on beneath the hood like strange sounds, fading dashboard, or flickering lights? Most likely, you are stuck due to a typical car electrical issue. Don’t worry, Master Mechanix is the Best car electrical work repair center in Hyderabad with Best Expert Technicians and OEM Parts. We bring your car back to life in less cost.

Why choose Master Mechanix for car electrical work repair


Mastery of Electrical Systems:

 Thanks to our extensive expertise, we are able to efficiently identify and fix problems with electronic control units (ECUs), power distribution, and electric propulsion.

Diagnosing Complex Issues:

Whether the source of an electrical defect is a broken connection, a malfunctioning sensor, or a software error, we use our experience to identify it.

Repair and Maintenance:

Master Mechanix is qualified to handle a wide range of difficulties with electric cars, from minor repairs to significant repairs.
We carry out coolant checks, software upgrades, battery inspections, and other crucial maintenance tasks to keep electric cars operating properly.

Work Experience:

Master Mechanix isn’t rookies. We will resolve issues everything from dead batteries to broken alternators to mysterious wiring gremlins. Our expertise enables us to identify issues with speed and accuracy, saving you both money and effort, which makes our service as the best car electrical work repair in Hyderabad.

Precision over price:

The another success step for becoming the best car electrical work repair is not only our  Superior service, but master mechanix in Hyderabad know how much a rupee is worth. We place more importance on identifying the source of the problem rather than replacing parts unnecessarily. This meticulous approach ensures a long-lasting solution without burning a hole in your wallet.

Work we do:


Think your car battery to be your engine’s superhero cape. It gives your engine the power it needs to roar to life, light up your dashboard, and keep all those fancy features working. However, batteries may wear out with time, much like a cape.
Your battery will receive a comprehensive examination from our experts, who will evaluate its age, voltage, and general condition. We might be able to jump start your battery if it’s just a bit low to get you running again.


Ever been stuck on the side of the road because your engine decided to take a nap? Rest assured, it occurs to the best of us! Engines in cars are complicated devices with many moving parts. Those areas may just require little attention. We specialize in making your engine run like a kitten once again.

Air Conditioning:

low coolant, blocked filters, malfunctioning compressors is to blame. Our mechanics are like detectives, using their skills to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately.

Electronic Fuel Injection:

Think of your car’s engine as a hungry beast. EFI provides the correct amount of fuel for efficient operation, acting as its own personal chef. It continuously monitors the engine and modifies the fuel mixture for maximum economy and performance using sensors and a computer. We’ll restore the proper operation of your car’s EFI system so you may resume driving with efficiency and comfort.

Additional Electrical Components:

 Experienced car electricians will evaluate, diagnose, and fix any electrical issues related to the Power windows, central locking, Vision, Sound, Sensors, and Power steering.

Why choose us:

Hyderabadians are more than simply mechanics; in the era of electrification, we are the defenders of automotive quality. With our unmatched knowledge, dedication to excellence, and customer-focused style, we raised the bar for the area’s electric vehicle maintenance services. Master Mechanix will continue to be crucial in determining the direction of automobile maintenance in Hyderabad and beyond as the demand for electric vehicles rises.



Paint Warranty for 6 Months

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Industry Best Paints & Materials used

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How It Works


Send us photos of your damaged car using WhatsApp.


Our specialists will offer the best quotes once they have the photographs.


Master mechanix offers pick-up and drop-off services for your vehicle because they appreciate your convenience.

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We work hard to make sure that getting your car repaired on-site is easy, professional, and safe.


make an appointment

Make a car servicing appointment via phone or online and send your location and let us know when you’d want us to meet you.



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